A lifelong passion for dance, a pre-teen daughter who couldn’t find fiction about dance, and a love of literature & reading all conspired to bring Lechner Syndications to fruition.  Our desire to ignite a passion for reading in children has led us to create series about the things that kids love; reinforcing positive lessons they can learn while doing these things. Dance, karate, soccer, and skating teach skills and create athletes and artists- they also instil happiness, confidence, creativity, goal setting, choice making and foster lifelong friendships. Kids like to read current, relevant, fast paced books and Lechner Syndications provides a less expensive, easy to access format made for the current trend to digital and online reading. We know your kids will have as much fun reading them as we’ve had creating them!


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We are a family of readers. We have taught our kids that the written word can inspire and inform in a way that few mediums/methods can. But why is it so difficult to find reading material that is reasonably priced,easy to access and at an appropriate level for young readers?

We started Lechner Syndications so our children could read realistic stories involving the activities they love to do like dancing and karate and soccer. Our philosophy is to create books containing messages that reinforce the life skills they are learning through their involvements. And there’s always a new book or series coming
soon to keep the readers reading. We hope you love them – we do!


My mother likes to tell the story that I was born dancing- delivered feet first and kicking. I have danced throughout my life as a ballerina in training, a musical theatre performer and then a studio owner of 17 years. Somewhere in there I dabbled in real estate, insurance, personal growth, baking, special needs advocacy and lots of other little sidelines that keep “free time” an evasive concept in my life. Mom of four, doggy mom of two and loving wife to my husband and partner, Paul, I am never one to let an opportunity pass and these books just needed someone to “do” rather than “think about doing”.


Paul Lechner


Most of my career has entailed involvment with technology, ranging from gear head to idea man to peddler of Techno Latin in all of its confusing acronyms. Although not a geek by design, I have found that I have always been able to understand their language which has made me an adept translator between those that make the gadgets and those that use them. Foodie, writer,dad and consummate devotee to my remarkable wife Tammy, I can’t pass up a good book. With the explosion of digital media and our love for the written word, we found an opportunity to provide something magical to those who love a good story.