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Turning Tides: Book 2

Welcome to Pate Academy, a private high school in Encinitas, CA, where surfing rates ahead of football. Mary Dawson is a 15 year old straight A student who is popular and outgoing. Her friend Winona Patton is a scholarship kid from Encinitas whose wrong-side-of-the-tracks background doesn’t win her any brownie points with the queen of the social scene, senior captain Xanthe Trehy.

Due to a donation of a wealthy, but anonymous benefactor, core members of the co-ed surf team are eligible to attend a surf camp in Costa Rica, but the tension heats up when Xanthe feels the pressure from Winona’s skill. Will the drama between these three star surfers be more than the team can take or will they be able to help one another to overcome Turning Tides?

AUTHOR: Kylie Blake

SERIES: The Surf Series

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Turning Tides