Project Description

Summer Kicks: Book 1

AUTHOR: Simon Alder

SERIES: The Soccer Series

For the team? Or for the glory?

Malcolm is a star striker, who’s ready to show off his skills in the premier summer league. When he finds out the winning team gets to practice with the Major League Soccer team, DC United, and Malcolm’s hero, Dwayne De Rosario, he’s determined to take his team to the top.

But things take a downward spiral when Malcolm gets stuck on the losing-est team in the league. His coach has them running pointless drills instead of playing, he gets tricked into making a super-embarrassing bet with the league bully, and his goalie is…a girl!

Can Malcolm take his team from zeros-to-heroes in time to secure the league championship and win a once-in-a-lifetime chance to practice with his hero, or will he end up tip-toeing around the stadium in a tutu?

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Summer Kicks (The Soccer Series #1)