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Impact Zone: Book 1

Meet Alana, the pouty princess and only child of former surf king Al Denberg. She likes to push the limits with habits that include smoking, partying, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Add Al’s best friend’s daughter, Tika, who is sharing their home while training for a surf competition in Oceanside California. Tika is the stereotypical “good influence”- optimistic nature, outgoing personality, healthy eater, meditator and naturally gorgeous without seeming to know it.

When Tika eases her way into Alana’s social circle, Alana is determined not to care. But as she watches this surfer girl become the “perfect daughter” to AL, jealousy starts to get the best of her.

Is there any chance these two can come together or will they both end up in the Impact Zone?

AUTHOR: Kylie Blake

SERIES: The Surf Series

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Impact Zone