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Flipping Out: Book 3

With Sara temporarily on medical leave and Bethany no longer competing with the squad, Nadia is poised to dominate at the Nationals. Or so she thinks.

Introducing Raven. Her parents just divorced and according to Google Maps, the Bellevue Kips Gymnastic Club is equidistant from their houses. Split down the middle, just like everything else.

Jamie was comfortable being the new kid on the squad and is struggling to find her place on this team now that she is old news.

Jamie felt the pang of something like jealousy. Jamie never got jealous.

This felt different. This was already affecting her routine. This affected her dreams. Jamie would have to do some research. She would convince Judi to let her try her

own special move. And she would perfect it before Nationals.

Because without a truly spectacular dismount, there was no way she was bringing home gold.

Will the girls pull it together and place at Nationals or will the drama of competing against your own teammates leave these gymnasts Flipping Out?

AUTHOR: April Adams

SERIES: The Gymnastic Series

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Flipping Out (The Gymnastics Series #3)