Project Description

Bumped Up: Book 1

AUTHOR: Pam Greer

SERIES: The Volleyball Series

Alarm. Breakfast. Bus. Bio. Spanish. Socials. Study. Lunch. Calc. Humanities. Bell. And THEN the day starts. Knee pads, ponytail. Full court. No drama.

But drama is just the beginning when senior Annette Reynolds recruits incoming freshman Payton Moore to play for the varsity team.

Payton quickly finds that her superior basketball talent doesn’t translate to the volleyball court, resulting in a divided team and a rift between Payton and her best friend Renika, whose natural ability for volleyball earns her a starting position on the varsity team.

Will Payton get it together in time to help her team make it to state or will she be left behind while Renika gets Bumped Up?

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Bumped Up (The Volleyball Series Book 1)